World Famous Polo Tournaments and Cups

World Famous Polo Tournaments and Cups

Tournaments and cups have always been present when playing the sport of polo. Even in 1886, there was interest in both dual-nation and international matches such as Westchester Cup between Great Britain and the United States. The British dominated the cup until 1921 when the United States won and defended it until 1939. When cup resumed in 1988, American won again as it did in 1992. This cup has driven the sport forward and evolved to the next level.

The Argentine, U.S., and British opens are the most prestigious tournaments today.

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Argentina’s prestigious Triple Crown are the Campeonato Abierto de Tortugas (The Tortugas Open-Argentina), established in 1907 as an open competition and has attracted 40-goal teams in the past. The Campeonato Abierto de Hurlingham (Hurlingham Open-Argentina), began in 1929 as the Senior Championship and was renamed a few years later. It is played without a handicap on a truly open format. The Argentine Open,  which began in 1893 and is considered the most coveted trophy in the game of polo today.

England’s prides are the Coronation Cup, the Queens Cup, and the Cowdray Park Gold Cup. The Coronation Cup was presented in 1922 to honor the coronation of King George V. The Queens Cup was donated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1960 and is the second most prestigious tournament currently being played at the 22-goal level. Lastly, the Cowdray Park Gold Cup started in 1956 marks the pinnacle of the British polo season.

The American Triple Crown of polo are the C.V. Whitney Cup, USPA Gold Cup and  U.S. Open Polo Championship. The C.V. Whitney Cup, presented for play in 1979, is currently being played at the 26-goal level. USPA Gold Cup was established in 1974 and is the second most important tournament in American polo. The U.S. Open Polo Championship, first played in 1904, is one of the three great polo tournaments along with the British Cowdray Park Gold Cup and Argentine Polo Open. Being an equestrian capital in the United States, most of the polo cups in the US are being held in Wellington.

Polo is the most famous sport in Wellington. It is no surprise that many enthusiasts and polo players come here to Wellington to pursue their passion.

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