Wellington Polo News: USPA Announces Handicap Changes

Wellington Polo News: USPA Announces Handicap Changes

Shortly after team Alegria conquered the 110th Maserati U.S. Open Polo Championship at International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, the United States Polo Association announced the handicap changes for next season.

Among the handicap increases, Guillermo Caset recovered 10 goals in recovery handicap modifications USA and recovered a high valuation. Also been raised in handicap were Brazil’s Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade from 8 to 9, Clemente Zavaleta from 5 to 6, and Julian Mannix, Carlos Gracida, Jr. and Mariano Gracida which were all 3 going up to 4.

Wellington Polo News- USPA Announces Handicap Changes | Katerina Gasset | Nestor Gasset | Wellington Equestrian Property

Meanwhile, among the most significant declines in respect to handicap figures were those of Gonzalito Pieres from 10 to 9 goals for next year, as in the cases of Julio Arellano from 9 to 8 and Mike Azzaro from 8 to 7.

The USPA also announced its newly-introduced handicaps for women, most noticeably the cases of Lía Salvo, with 9, Kristy Outhier, with 8, Tiffany Busch and María Bellande, both with 7, and Maureen Brennan, with 6.

Twice a year, each player is awarded a handicap rating which is expressed in goals. This indicates the value of each player. However, it has nothing to do with the number of goals each player is expected to score during a game. Polo players are local committees and the National Handicap Committee of the United States Polo Association, using the criteria of general mastery of the fundamentals, horsemanship, sense of strategy and conduct, and quality of ponies. All players, male and female, are rated under the same system.

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