January 27, 2013

Wellington Polo Leaders Train the next Generation of Polo Players

Wellington Polo Leaders Train the next Generation of Polo Players

The International Polo Club Palm Beach kicked off its 10th anniversary season. At the kick-off event players and officials talked about ways in which they could include the local communities more and also foster growth for the sport of Polo which is fun and exciting taking extreme talent and focus. 

Sunday afternoons here in Wellington are Polo Days during our winter season. 

9 out of the top 10 polo high ranking polo players are from Argentina. The 10th is from Uruguay. 

The United States does now have some youth polo programs which is where we need to start to raise the talent. In Argentina they have about 72 youth polo teams for kids under the age of 14. The kids there grow up riding horses and learning the sport of polo. 

But now Wellington is in the youth polo program arena. For kids ages 14 and under we now have about 10 to 12 teams. The ages of 15 to 19 we have about 4 teams. 

The rise in interest in playing polo here in the U.S. is because polo may soon become an Olympic sport. 

Most polo interest and talent is passed down through families. If dad is a polo player the son becomes a polo player. But that is now moving outside of only family. 

Wellington has the best polo clubs in the world and the best horses. If you want to get involved in playing polo now is a great time to do so. If you know how to play polo and would like to help train the youth, you are very much needed. 

Wellington Polo ticket prices for Sunday matches range from $10 for general admission to $120 for box seating. Call 561-204-5687 for more information. 

If you just want to be a spectator of polo you are in the right place here in Wellington Florida home of many International Polo tournaments. See you there!!! 

authored by Katerina Gasset

Katerina Gasset

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