Wellington Polo: Grand Champions Polo Club Opens 2014 Spring Season

Grand Champions Polo Club Opens 2014 Spring Season

Grand Champions Polo Club opens its 2014 spring polo season with the Grand Champions Cup on Friday in Wellington, FL.

The club will host six medium-goal tournaments this year and the 2014 Spring Season tournament is the first of the six medium-goal competitions.

There are five teams competing on Friday and Saturday. On Friday morning, Ride to Shine will play against Clearwater. In the afternoon, a round-robin will be held on Field 8 among Psycho Bunny, Palm Beach Polo and Power Horse.

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There will be two games set on Sunday at 9:30 a.m and 11:30 a.m.

The team lineups for the opening tournament are:

  • Ride To Shine (12 goals) Neku Atawodi, Joey Casey, Martin Estrada, Julio Gracida.
  • Clearwater (13 goals) Chip Campbell, Gonzalo Tevez, Guille Aguero, Juan Olivera.
  • Psycho Bunny (14 goals) Marc Ganzi, Jeff Hall, Kris Kampsen, Andrew Seibert.
  • Palm Beach Polo (14 goals) Glenn Straub, Brandon Phillips, Tommy Biddle, Carlitos Gracida.
  • Power Horse (15 goals) Alejandro Viel, Walter Scherb, Nic Roldan, Lucas Lalor.

The rest of the Grand Champions spring schedule is: April 24-27, The USPA Spring Challenge; May 1-4, The USPA Sun Cup; May 8-11, The USPA Eastern Challenge; May 15-18 The Polo Gear Challenge Cup and May 22-26, The Memorial.

One of the highlights this season is the use of state-of-the-art technology like live streaming, instant replay, challenges and team reviews.

The Grand Champions’ spring season is an opportunity for amateur Wellington polo players to team up with and play against some of the world’s top professional players.

The Club expects that this year will be the finest spring season in the nine-year history of the Club.

The winners of the spring tournament last year included ELG/Psycho Bunny, Power Horse, Audi, Pony Express and Longfield Farm.

This spring season is another thrilling season for Wellington polo players and fans!

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