January 16, 2012

Wellington Equestrian Village Gets Approved!

Wellington Equestrian Village Gets Approved! 

This is exciting news from Wellington Planning-Zoning & Adjustment Board. The controversial Equestrian Village has been approved. 

There was a standing room only meeting at the Village meeting regarding this new addition to Wellington. There were over six hours of discussion. 

The old Palm Beach Polo Stadium is the area of Wellington for the new Wellington Equestrian Village which most equestrian folks are in favor of. This is a 96 acre facility and the new approval will allow there to be an Equestrian Village hotel. We are so in need of a hotel in Wellington near the showgrounds. We get at least a half dozen requests a week at International Properties and Investments for short term housing for equestrians who are only coming into town for a couple of weeks. There really is no convenient place for them to stay. 

We also want Dressage to come to Wellington in a big way. We have the area to compete on the international scene of Dressage just as we do for Polo and Hunter/Jumper. Dressage high level competitors have to go all the way to Europe. If we can get them to come here to Wellington instead- it will be great for our local economy. 

This project is going to cost between $50 million and $80 million to build. It will take about two years to complete the project. Also, the hotel will have condos that you can buy and then rent out to equestrian visitors who need to stay here in Wellington longer than a couple of weeks. This project will create jobs here in Wellington and the hotel will have full time employment as well. 

Right now for short term stays, Wellington gives up about 80% of the economic impact of the equestrian industry. This money is being spent now outside of Wellington. That does not seem like a smart choice when that money can be spent right here in Wellington. 

The board ending up voting 5 to 2 in favor of the hotel and the Equestrian Village project. 

Katerina Gasset

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