Wellington Equestrian Farms- Income Producing Horse Farms

Wellington Equestrian Farms- Income Producing Horse Farms 

When you are looking at horse farms to purchase in the Wellington equestrian areas you may want to consider purchasing a farm that is also producing income. 

There are several ways that you can benefit by owning an income producting horse farm in Wellington Florida

  • No state income tax in Florida
  • Florida Homeowners Homestead Exemptions
  • Agricultural Exemptions
  • State Law protecting horse owners from liability 
  • Year round good weather for your horses
  • High Winter season demand for stall rentals and paddocks. 
  • Premium rental fees for stalls during the Winter Equestrian Festival each year. 

And a lot more….

But of course the greatest benefit of all is being a part of your horses’ lives and helping others.  

If you are looking for a Wellington Equestrian Farm or property we know the inventory here. We are long time residents since 1995 of this Equestrian capital of the world – Wellington Florida. 

Call Nestor Gasset today on his cell phone at 561-541-9936 to get started on your journey to move your horses down to Wellington Florida at least for the season each year and perhaps one day you will make this your permanent horse farm home in Wellington Florida. 

Katerina Gasset

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