January 9, 2012

Wellington Dressage- Horses in Motion

Wellington Dressage- Horses in Motion 

This weekend was full of great equestrian competitions around and near Wellington Florida. International Polo kicked off the season on Sunday and on Saturday we had the Classic Dressage Challenge. Well, it was also on Sunday but the only day we went was on Saturday. 

Dressage is an beautiful athletic art form where the rider and the horse need to be in sync. We watched the competition in the main dressage ring and then also spent a lot of time watching the practice rings. In the practice rings you can watch the rider and their coaches training the riders. 

Dressage is a French word. It means “training”. The idea is to bring to the forefont the horse’s natural ability to work quietly and calmly with his rider. Dressage dates back to Xenophen in Greece. Dressage has been an Olympic equestrian sport since the 1900 Paris Games. 

There are four judges for the events held in Wellington this weekend. Some of the riders will compete with a musical freestyle. 

Then took our son and one of our grandsons over to the stables to watch the horses getting washed down in the wash stalls. There was this one horse who was not happy about getting washed down. He was used to getting warm water wash downs but there was no electricity at the wash stalls there. 

Wellington will be having more Classic dressage events here especially after we just had the Equestrian area get approved for some more dressage rings and even a small hotel for our equestrian visitors. 

The photos of dressage is great but it is really hard to really appreciate the quiet dance of the horse so here is a video I took so you can get a real feel for dressage. 

Katerina Gasset

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