March 24, 2012

Wedding At Mondrian In Miami- South Beach Fl-

We were invited to Luz Camba’s wedding at the amazing Mondrian Hotel in Miami- South Beach Fl. 

When you walk into the Mondrian it takes your breathe away as your eyes feast on such pure white- everything is white. The modern art and decor are really impressive. I am not a modern style decor kind of person so I would not have my home decor this way but for a change of scenery and style- it was great. 

Luz Camba married Alex Peters. Alex is one of our coaches on the Wellington Colts Travel Team 9U which our son plays on. His son is one of our son’s friends. Nestor and our son could not go to the wedding because our son had Rec Little League games at the same time and he is one of the pitchers so he could not miss the game. 

Luz is going to be moving to Wellington once they find a home here that will fit their 4 kids. Alex has two children and Luz has two young adult kids. 

Luz is a Realtor®. She will be joining our company as our Spanish speaking agent. She also speaks Italian. We are very pleased to have Luz as part of our team. 

Now, back to the wedding: 

My daughter and I went with her son ( who is my grandson) to the wedding. It was a great day! The sun was shining stunningly. The venue could not have been more perfect. I made a slideshow so you can see more of the wedding and the Mondrian Hotel and the Intracoastal wateways of South Florida. It was hard to choose the right photos to show you how amazing the Mondrian is! 

Luz and Alex were married by a priest in this amazing setting as the day was welcoming the sunset. Sunsets in Miami are a sight to see. The reflection of the sun setting on the torquoise waters with boats in the background and the Miami skyline as the backdrop beckons serenity into your space. 

The wedding was small and intimate, a perfect way to have a wedding. Luz had a violinist serenading and playing music before and after the ceremony. 

We all enjoyed one of the best wedding meals ever prepared by the chef at Modrian. It was a Cuban food theme with a Thai twist. Succulent flavors were appreciated by all. It was delicious. 

Congratulations to Luz and Alex as they embark upon life’s journey as a married couple. We wish them the best and pray God’s blessing to be upon them for a long and adventurous life together. Enjoy the slide show. 

Katerina Gasset

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