Tips on Equestrian Horseback Riding Safety

Tips on Equestrian Horseback Riding Safety

Tips on Equestrian Horseback Riding SafetyHorseback riding has been one of the leisure activities and sports that people love since time immemorial. However, just like any activity, it may pose a threat to a horse rider’s safety especially if the rider is somewhat careless.

Not all accidents and mishaps occur while you are riding a horse. It can also happen when you are grooming or feeding your horse. Most common types of injuries related to horseback riding are sprain, bruises, dislocations and head injuries. Long term injury, such as being in coma or even death happens more than we care to realize.

However, this should not hinder you in pursuing your passion for horseback riding especially since many Wellington equestrian trails are safe for riding on.

Here are some basic tips to ensure your safety:

  • Always wear a helmet. You should never think about riding a horse without head gear especially if it is your first time to ride a certain horse. It must be securely fastened. Another important thing is that a helmet should be replaced immediately after any fall or significant impact.
  • Always wear properly fitted boots.
  • Wear non-skid gloves and properly fitted riding clothes. Do not wear anything baggy.
  • Wear body-protecting gear to prevent any fractures in the ribs.
  • Have a correctly matched boot-stirrup combo; this will help you prevent your feet being trapped in the stirrup.
  • Do not make any unnecessary noise while the horse is around you. It stresses the horse and may cause it to go amok. Do not play pranks towards your horse. Horses are sensitive and can easily get stressed.
  • Always remember that though many horses are tamed no horse is 100% safe. Always be cautious in dealing with horses.

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