The World Polo Tour April MVPs: Ulloa and Mannix

The World Polo Tour April MVPs: Ulloa and Mannix

Before the World Polo Tour starts, other action in the month of May is in search of the best in Europe, the international ranking of polo awarded the MVPs in April, following the end of the season in Palm Beach.

Winners of the latest US Open, Alegria’s Hilario Ulloa and Julian Mannix are the month’s MVPs. The La Martina Award as the MVP Professional was awarded to Ulloa while Mannix received the La Martina Awards as the best Amateur.

The World Polo Tour April MVPs: Ulloa and Mannix | Wellington Polo

Meanwhile, the World Polo Tour presents a bit of news. There are no changes at the top, though, as Adolfo Cambiaso still at number one followed by Facundo Pieres. However, Cambiaso’s gap from Facundo has widened. Cambiaso has 1011 points, while Facundo Pieres has 851 points.

Lechuza Caracas’ Juan Martin Nero, semifinalist of the US Open, got the third spot, sending David Stirling Jr.,Pablo MacDonough and Gonzalo Pieres Jr. are in the fourth, fifth and sixth place, respectively.

April’s Pro MVP, Ulloa moved up from ninth to seventh place, while another member of Alegria, Mariano Aguerre, went from tenth to eighth position. Nicolás Pieres and Guillermo Caset Jr. closed the Top Ten.

Clemente Zavaleta Jr., after winning the US Open in his first season in Palm Beach, went from 48th. place to 22nd, making him the player who raised the highest in the professional ranking.

While for the amateur ranking, Bob Jornayvaz was awarded as the best placed amateur for remaining in the number one spot and  gaining the eleventh position in the professional ranking.

The victory at the US Open made Julian Mannix to go up from 43rd place to 19th place.

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