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Wellington Fl Officials Focus on Road Safety As The Winter Equestrian Festival Approaches

Wellington Fl Officials Focus on Road Safety As The Winter Equestrian Festival Approaches

It’s almost that time of the year again when thousands flock to Wellington Fl for the Winter Equestrian Festival, but for now, part-time residents are returning to the village to prepare and train their horses for the season. Of course, with a surge in population comes a surge in traffic. Particularly if you live in Wellington, you’ll know that you won’t be dealing with just ordinary traffic but golf-cart traffic.

Winter Wellington Florida Safety Issues Slow for Horses Wellington Equestrian Properties

Florida law presides over golf traffic in Wellington but the village itself has not been able to pass its own regulations despite previous attempts.

It may come as a surprise to some but golf carts are commonly used by residents in Wellington for quick trips like picking up kids from school or tutors and especially for commuting in equestrian areas like going from farm to farm or heading over to the showgrounds. However, according to village officials, there are many people who use the golf carts illegally on a regular basis and that, according to them, is a real danger.

According to state law, golf carts can only be used either on private property or in golfing communities. They are not allowed to be used on sidewalks and they can only be used on some roads if the golf cart is street-legal which means it would need seat belts, turn signals, windshields and head lights. On top of that, the street-legal golf carts would also need to be inspected, insured, and registered with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. If used, they are only allowed on the road with a maximum speed limit of 35mph.

Since there have been quite a few golf cart-related accidents that happened in Wellington in the past, the officials aim to prevent any mishaps from happening in the future by educating the public with golf cart usage and safety.