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Top 4 Tips To Quickly Sell Your Wellington Equestrian Property

Top 4 tips to quickly sell your Wellington equestrian property.

Nothing beats preparation, especially when it comes to selling your Wellington equestrian property. You can’t just list your Wellington horse property the moment you decide you want to sell. Even if it’s not a seller’s market, there are a couple of bases you want to cover to make sure that your property does not stay on the market too long.

4 Tips on selling your Wellington equestrian property fast | Katerina Gasset | Nestor Gasset

  1. First thing’s first: Clean it up.

    This holds true both for homes and horse properties: Clean is always the way to go. You want to do this not just for the listing photos. You want to keep your property clean so buyers will be drawn to what they see when they decide to have a quick tour. No one wants to see clutter everywhere. Pay close attention to the inside and the outside of your Wellington equestrian property.

  2. Make it as pleasing to the eye as possible: Retouch and Maintain

    Weeds everywhere? Old and deteriorating fences? Water system not functional? Roof problems? All these can be a sales killer. Make sure you fix these before listing your property. Adding a fresh coat of paint or repairing an old fence can make a huge difference. Keep your equipment in a clean storage area and make sure everything is working. A property that’s clean and well maintained is more likely to get buyers’ attention. Don’t give them a reason to doubt that your property is worth less than it’s price.

  3. Hire an expert help you: Call your agent.

    Talking to an agent must be one of your primary priorities if you want to sell your property fast. Choose someone with experience in selling a Wellington equestrian property. Ask for a market report of the properties in the area. An expert agent can help you understand the market and what you need to do in order to attract  more potential buyers for your property.

  4. Don’t turn buyers off: Price it right.

    Sometimes buyers get turned off even before they view your property. Pricing can play an important role in how fast or slow your selling process will go. Make sure you get the opinion of your agent. Consider the similar properties listed in your area to see how much they are selling for. Don’t risk pricing your property too high because you might actually end up selling your property in a much lesser price after it has sat in the market for too long.

Cover these important basic steps first before listing your Wellington equestrian property to sell. As long as your property is clean, well maintained, priced correctly, and you’re working with an expert Wellington equestrian agent, there’s no reason to be overwhelmed by the selling process.

If you are looking for expert help in buying or selling your Wellington equestrian property, do not hesitate to call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 today!

Wellington Polo News: Valiente and Alegria in 2014 Maserati US Open Final

Wellington Polo News: Valiente and Alegria in 2014 Maserati US Open Final

The two strong teams that are set to play for the 2014 Maserati US Open Championship are Valiente (Bob Jornayvaz, Santi Torres, Sapo Caset and Adolfo Cambiaso) and Alegria (Julian Mannix, Clemente Zavaleta, Mariano Aguerre and Hilario Ulloa) on April 20 at the International Polo Club in Wellington FL.

Wellington Polo News: Valiente and Alegria in 2014 Maserati US Open Final | Katerina Gasset | Nestor Gasset | Wellington Equestrian Properties

Valiente 15, Lechuza Caracas 11

Valiente won against Lechuza Caracas with a close fight, 15-11, during the semifinals.

Valiente lead player, 10-goaler Adolfo Cambiaso took an extremely solid crash in the beginning of the first chukker that sent him to the ground writhing in pain. Play was temporarily suspended as the medics came to the rescue. Cambiaso returned to the game after 15 minutes but later left the field again with the team captain, Bob Jornayvaz. Carlos Gracida and Rodrigo Andrade took over the game.

Pieres was credited with a game high nine goals (eight on penalty conversions). Nero notched twice.

Five of Caset’s team high six goals came on penalty shots. Torres contributed five goals; Andrade was credited with three goals; and Gracida added a goal for the victory.

Valiente is a two-time title holder this year, the winner of the 2014 C. V. Whitney Cup and the USPA Piaget Gold Cup.

Wellington Polo News: Valiente and Alegria in 2014 Maserati US Open Final | Katerina Gasset | Nestor Gasset | Wellington Equestrian Properties

Alegria 9, Crab Orchard 8

The semifinals concluded with Alegria (Julian Mannix, Clemente Zavaleta, Mariano Aguerre and Hilario Ulloa) beating Crab Orchard (Facundo Pieres, Magoo Laprida, Matias Magrini and Peke Gonzalez) with 9-8 winning score.

Hilario Ulloa made the first goal in the opening minutes of play in the day’s second semifinal game between Alegria and Crab Orchard, 1-0. Magoo Laprida squared the score at 1-1 less than a minute later on a goal from the field. An Alegria foul cost them a goal with just 28 seconds in the period as Crab Orchard took the early lead, 2-1 on a 40-yard penalty shot.

Ulloa spearheaded the Alegria attack with eight goals (six on penalty conversions). Zavaleta completed a goal for the win. Pieres scored six times for Crab Orchard (two on penalty shots). Laprida and Gonzalez each added a goal in a losing effort.

Come and join the thousands of Wellington polo fans! In case you are looking for a strategic Wellington equestrian property for sale for your Polo sport, you can call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135!

Grand Champions Accomplishes Inaugural Great Futures Celebrity Polo Match in Wellington

Grand Champions Accomplishes Inaugural Great Futures Celebrity Polo Match in Wellington

Grand Champions wins Inaugural Great Futures Celebrity Polo Match on Sunday afternoon, March 9, at Grand Champions Polo Club.

Grand Champions (Melissa Ganzi, Marc Ganzi, Nacho Figueras, Nic Roldan) won over Piaget (Marwan Mohey-el-dien, Jared Zenni, Alejandro Novillo Astrada, Juan Bollini) with a 3-2 victory in the finals of which two goals came from Figueras, polo’s ambassador and face of Ralph Lauren.

Celebrity Polo Match in Wellington | Wellington Polo

John Walsh of Team Equuleus was named as the Most Valuable Player of the round-robin tournament. His teammates were Joe DiMenna, 10-goaler Gonzalito Pieres and Mariano Gonzales.

The money raised from the fundraiser celebrity match would be given to Neil S. Hirsch Family Boys and Girls Club of Wellington polo.

The Boys and Girls club provides after-school activities to unprivileged kids, ages 6-18, and summer camp opportunities to nearly 6,000 boys and girls.

Marc and Melissa Ganzi, as the owners, prepared the well-groomed field, venue, equipments, Trophies, six pro-players.

The Ganzis also sponsored the Future Brunch At Polo Luncheon at International Polo Club, Wellington.

The celebrity Wellington polo game was free to the public.

Come and join the thousands of Wellington polo fans! In case you are looking for a strategic Wellington equestrian property for sale for your Polo sport, you can call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135!

Wellington Equestrian Properties Market Update

Wellington Equestrian Properties Market Update 

Now is a great time to buy a horse farm in Wellington Florida. Season is again, just around the corner and you know that during the Winter Equestrian season here in Wellington the prices go up. 

This may just be the last time you will see the equestrian properties in Wellington at their lowest prices. 

What kinds or properties will you be able to find in Wellington that are perfect for your horses? 

Wellington Equestrian Properties For Sale Horse Farms

One great thing about Wellington is there are different equestrian venues. We have International Polo, dressage, hunter/jumpers and pleasure riding. Each of these usually requires certain features in a horse property. 

You also have the choice of living in a gated community or a non-gated community. 

You can choose to buy a Wellington horse farm in hacking distance to the WEF– Winter Equestrian Festival showgrounds named: Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. 

You also have choices about how much land you want with your horse farm. You can have a small one acre lot with a barn for a couple of horses to having many acres of land that is ample space for many horses. 

The other great choice you have here in Wellington is you can buy a private horse farm, small and cozy to large working farms and equestrian facilities. 

The highest listed price is for a fabulous 123 equestrian facility located in the acreage area of Wellington. This equestrian facility has 72 stalls with a net of 52 stalls with a H formation barn. This property has a Grand Prix field, it has 3 sand rings including on regulation dressage ring. There are 19 paddocks on the property. 

There is a seperate farm managment office, laundry facilities in the barn area and a medical suite. 

This equestrian facility has 4 beautiful lakes and wonderful peaceful bridle paths to ride on. 

This property is listed for sale for $32,000,000- you can view this Wellington Equestrian Property- Working Horse Farm here. 

There are 42 Wellington Equestrian Properties – Horse Farms for sale in Wellington. 

Expect to pay about $3 Million for an ideal horse farm in Wellington with acreage. 

There is also a fixer upper for sale right now at the very low price of $580,000. This equestrian property sits on 5 acrea and has a 4 stall barn. It does need some landscaping and some upgrading in my opinion. 

So call us today to get started now to find your Wellington Equestrian Property | Horse Farm – you can reach Nestor direct on his cell phone at 561-541-9936. Our office # is 561-753-0135. 

Wellington Florida Short Sales Market Update

Wellington Florida Short Sales Market Update 

Currently there are 56 homes on the market in Wellington Florida that are listed as short sales. 

The highest priced short sale for sale in Wellington right now is listed at $1,649,000 and that is for a 4 bedroom house in Palm Beach Point on Sea Mist with 6 stalls and a tack room with air conditioning along with a feed room. This home sits on about 5 acres of land. 

The lowest priced home in Wellington right now that is a short sale is a little 2 bedroom townhome listed at $64,900. This is a great location for a groom or sole horse rider looking for a small place to stay while in Wellington during the Winter Equestrian Festival held each year at the world famous Palm Beach International Equestrian Center located in Wellington Florida. 

There are 28 homes for sale in Wellington Florida listed as short sales that are between the prices of $200,000 and $400,000. 

In most communities in Wellington it is becoming a sellers’ market. This means that prices are starting to inch up. One thing is for sure, in the price ranges under $400,000 you are going to need a good Wellington short sale agent brokerage to help you win the bid on your next home. There are certainly bidding wars starting on many of the listings. The last listing one of our agents put an offer in on, we were told that the listing agent had 6 other offers for the same listing. 

So no matter what price range you are in you will be able to find the perfect home for full time residency or for the equestrian season. 

You won’t know that the market has hit the bottom until you see it in your rear view mirror. 

Contact Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 of International Properties and Investments LLC to help you find your next perfect home in Wellington Florida.