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Top 4 Tips To Quickly Sell Your Wellington Equestrian Property

Top 4 tips to quickly sell your Wellington equestrian property.

Nothing beats preparation, especially when it comes to selling your Wellington equestrian property. You can’t just list your Wellington horse property the moment you decide you want to sell. Even if it’s not a seller’s market, there are a couple of bases you want to cover to make sure that your property does not stay on the market too long.

4 Tips on selling your Wellington equestrian property fast | Katerina Gasset | Nestor Gasset

  1. First thing’s first: Clean it up.

    This holds true both for homes and horse properties: Clean is always the way to go. You want to do this not just for the listing photos. You want to keep your property clean so buyers will be drawn to what they see when they decide to have a quick tour. No one wants to see clutter everywhere. Pay close attention to the inside and the outside of your Wellington equestrian property.

  2. Make it as pleasing to the eye as possible: Retouch and Maintain

    Weeds everywhere? Old and deteriorating fences? Water system not functional? Roof problems? All these can be a sales killer. Make sure you fix these before listing your property. Adding a fresh coat of paint or repairing an old fence can make a huge difference. Keep your equipment in a clean storage area and make sure everything is working. A property that’s clean and well maintained is more likely to get buyers’ attention. Don’t give them a reason to doubt that your property is worth less than it’s price.

  3. Hire an expert help you: Call your agent.

    Talking to an agent must be one of your primary priorities if you want to sell your property fast. Choose someone with experience in selling a Wellington equestrian property. Ask for a market report of the properties in the area. An expert agent can help you understand the market and what you need to do in order to attract  more potential buyers for your property.

  4. Don’t turn buyers off: Price it right.

    Sometimes buyers get turned off even before they view your property. Pricing can play an important role in how fast or slow your selling process will go. Make sure you get the opinion of your agent. Consider the similar properties listed in your area to see how much they are selling for. Don’t risk pricing your property too high because you might actually end up selling your property in a much lesser price after it has sat in the market for too long.

Cover these important basic steps first before listing your Wellington equestrian property to sell. As long as your property is clean, well maintained, priced correctly, and you’re working with an expert Wellington equestrian agent, there’s no reason to be overwhelmed by the selling process.

If you are looking for expert help in buying or selling your Wellington equestrian property, do not hesitate to call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 today!