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What Is The Ideal Horse Arena Footing For Your Wellington Equestrian Property?

What Is The Ideal Horse Arena Footing For Your Wellington Equestrian Property?

An ideal horse arena footing for your equestrian property in Wellington is one of the most vital factors for the improvement of horses during training. Poor arena footing can cause (untold) a number of difficulties for your equine buddy, increasing the possibility of lameness, jeopardizing performance, stealing confidence, and putting him (at stake) at risk of injuries and other dangers. Constant use of joints on poor arena footing is one of the primary causes of soft tissue injuries of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

But what is the ideal footing for your horse? The ideal arena footing surface considers the bio-mechanism of your horse’s step as well as the physical attributes that stimulate performance and fitness. The perfect arena footing prevents injuries of your horse and heightens performance.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding on the footing arena of your equestrian property in Wellington:

  • Decide what type of arena footing makes sense for your condition. Different types of horse sports may demand different sizes and types of arena.  You’ll be able to make wise, realistic options and arrive at what works best for you if you understand the advantages and restraints of different types of footings which are connected to the type of horse sport you want.
  • Begin with a good foundation. This is made up of the sub-base and the base. Make sure that the foundation is constructed to give effective drainage and strong support for the pounding it will get.
  • Carefully select the materials you should use. High quality sand is important in making and maintaining the right horse riding surface. You can also consider the use of additive to produce a better effect especially if the sand shifts too much or stone dust you used needs a bit more bounce.
  • Establish maintenance plan. Now that your ideal arena is complete, it’s vital to always keep the routine watering, harrowing, and maintaining of the area directly outside the arena regularly.

Your arena footing is one of the most important elements to ensure the performance and soundness of your equine buddy. A good footing arena in your Wellington equestrian property will definitely help your horse perform at its best.

Wellington has numerous equestrian properties with excellent environment to train and take care of your horses. If you are looking for an excellent Wellington equestrian property, do not hesitate to call Nestor and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 today!