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Wellington Equestrian News | Horses Healing Hearts Offers Effective Therapy For Substance Abuse and Addiction

Wellington Equestrian News | Horses Healing Hearts Offers Effective Therapy For Substance Abuse and Addiction

Horses Healing Hearts is a non-profit public charity organization founded by Lizabeth Olszewski aiming to aid children of parents who were suffering from substance abuse. Her goal is to enrich their lives through equine experiential learning.

Horses Healing Hearts- Therapy that Works | FloridaIPI

The organization of Horses Healing Hearts was established in Wellington Florida and though it was only meant to help the children of parents with hurdles in addiction, Lizabeth soon discovered that the parents too need to be empowered in order to rise up, face their battles, and to be healed, along with their children, from the emotional scars they endured because of the addiction.

This is what motivated Lizabeth Olszewski to collaborate with treatment centers. She received training from in EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) which allowed her to broaden her reach and offer therapy to even more families.

Since Horses Healing Hearts is primarily a non-profit organization, it used to be dependent only on grants. However, because of Liz’s partnership with EAGALA, she is able to make profit through the treatment centers that have offered to pay her and donate money to her charity.

In Lizabeth’s words, ““It has given us a new opportunity to aid in addiction while still working with the children to end the cycle.”

If you would like to get involved in this wonderful cause, you can reach Lizabeth at 561-713-6133. It would truly be a great experience to be part of something that helps the community and heals hearts through our amazing equine friends, our dear horses.  

Wellington has many equestrian properties available in the market, in case you are interested in horse riding and polo, you can always come here!

Contact Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset today to find your equestrian property here in Wellington or to list your farm for sale at 561-541-9936.  

Top Tips To Get Your Wellington Equestrian Property Sold

Top tips to get your Wellington equestrian property sold.

Just like putting your home on the market, listing your Wellington equestrian property for sale requires a great deal of preparation. The preparation you need is quite different, however, because you are not just selling a home but a piece of land that is meant to be ideal for raising and training horses. Here are a few tips you can follow on how you can get your Wellington equestrian property sold:

Top Tips To Get Your Wellington Equestrian Property Sold

  1. Contact an agent at once.

Selling your property is a huge undertaking, and understandably, you would want to get the best price in the transaction. This would only happen if: you have a great marketing plan in place, you have the right contacts, you know the selling process in and out and lastly, you have enough patience to see it through. Nonetheless, agents are fully trained and experienced to handle all of these aspects of selling so the first important tip to getting your property to sell is to work with a good agent specializes in selling a Wellington equestrian property. Your buyer will certainly have an agent and it is best if you also have your own to represent you when the negotiations arise.

  1. Clean and organize.

This can be considered as the easiest and at the same time the most difficult step in selling your property. A horse farm has to be equipped with an efficient water system and a good manure management system to make cleaning easier. Have a place for everything and ensure that you have enough space for farm equipment. Make sure that your property is in its best shape should buyers decide to drop by for a visit. You can check Wellington equestrian properties for sale at www.wellingtonequestrianproperties.net to see how other sellers clean and organize their properties.

  1. Repair as needed.

If certain facilities are damaged, then you simply cannot sell your property for the best price. Keep in mind that a well maintained property will always attract more buyers as opposed to a property that’s damaged, old, and unkempt. With that said, prepare your Wellington equestrian property for sale by repairing what needs to be repaired. This includes possible repairs on the gates, fences, barns, roofs, doors, bulbs, and others. Repainting isn’t a bad idea, too. All the cleaning and fixing is needed before you can proceed with next and final step.

  1. Take photos that pop on the screen.

Today, most buyers start their search through the internet so marketing your property online is a must. Take beautiful photos of your property after it has been cleaned and repaired. These photos will keep your buyers glued to their screen and will motivate them to visit and see more of your farm. Ask your agent for tips on what type of shots would highlight your property’s best features.

These are simple yet very effective tips to prepare your Wellington equestrian property for sale. The most important tip to remember is to work with an agent who is knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced when it comes to selling Wellington equestrian properties.

Call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 today if you’re looking for expert help in buying or selling your Wellington equestrian property!

Top 3 Ways to Care for Your Wellington Equestrian Properties

Top 3 Ways to Care for Your Wellington Equestrian Properties

When buyers purchase Wellington equestrian properties, a huge responsibility of managing the land to provide a good environment for horses fall on their shoulders

Caring for equestrian properties is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Unlike normal purchased land, you have to think about maintenance duties that are beneficial to the horses. At the same time You will want to keep the land environmentally friendly and not be a drain on your finances.

3 Ways to Care for Your Wellington Equestrian Properties

There are a few general guidelines you should follow especially if you are a first-time buyer of Wellington equestrian properties. Read on for the most basic things you ought to remember about equestrian property management.

  1. Make it as natural as possible

    Ideal homes for horses are exactly what you see in classic posters.  Large green pastures where they are free to move, where there’s plenty clean water and food, and there is a healthy ecosystem. Although we cannot totally duplicate this ideal home, the goal is to copy it as much as possible.

    A more natural lifestyle for horses means less stress for them. To achieve this, try to have a variety of plants and enough trees, aside from green pastures. The existence of an ecosystem promotes a home for your horses that is closer to nature.

  2. Keep it clean, green, and safe

    Nothing can take the place of a clean equestrian property. Cleaning the property entails good manure management and effective watering system. You can also tackle reduction of mud or dust. Cleanliness is important to keep your horses away from diseases.

    Many believe that investing in a more nutritious hard wearing pasture can save you a lot even if it can be more costly in the beginning. Bare patches in paddocks and dried out pastures must be minimized and dealt with immediately.

  3. Constantly find ways to improve your systems

    A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t have effective systems in place. Try to read up and research the most effective ways for grazing and pasture management, manure management, vegetation management, soil management, and horse care systems.

    Explore the best possible options when it comes to tools, equipment, horse facilities, fences and property design. Do not just buy the first idea you hear. Since Wellington Fl is home to some of the best equestrian properties in the world, you can count on the fact that there are others who can offer more knowledge about these things.

Maintaining a Wellington equestrian property is not easy, but with knowledge and hard work, it can be done. Remember to look into the three general guidelines above to help you manage your property better.

Wellington has many equestrian properties that have the ideal facilities needed to train and take care of your horses.

If you are looking for an excellent Wellington equestrian property, do not hesitate to call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 today!

Palm Beach Polo Wins Polo Gear Challenge Cup 11-10

Palm Beach Polo Wins Polo Gear Challenge Cup 11-10

Palm Beach Polo furiously took the cup from Pony Express in the recently concluded Polo Gear Challenge Cup at the Grand Champions Club on Sunday afternoon.

It was a hard-fought physical battle between Palm Beach Polo (Glenn Straub, Brandon Phillips, Kris Kampsen, Carlos Gracida Jr.) and Pony Express (Justin Daniels, Pancho Eddy, Tomas Goti, and Bob Daniels).

Palm Beach Polo Wins Polo Gear Challenge Cup 11-10 | Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset | Wellington Equestrian Properties

Kris Kampsen filled in for Tommy Briddle who was hospitalized the day before the cup.

Pony Express kicked off with a 4-0 lead but Palm Beach Polo managed to tie the game at the second chukker. Goti scored a goal for Pony Express during the start of the third chukker, 5-4. Bob Daniels added a score. Goti goaled again before the chukker ended, 7-4.

It was a fast and furious race with both teams scoring 8 in the fifth chukker. Goti scored to give a 9-8 advantage to Pony Express but Palm Beach Polo roared back behind Kampsen.

Kampsen blocked Goti’s attempt to score and tied the score, 9-9. Gracida’s goal made the 10-9 advantage for Palm Beach Polo. Pony Expressed had two failed goal attempts while Phillips converted a penalty-two shot for an 11-9 lead. Goti scored a final goal 10 seconds left before the game ends.

Kris Kampsen was named MVP, and Tomás Goti´s mare took Best Playing Pony honors. Kris Kampsen played twelve chukkers over twelve hours during the day of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Polo Gear won the Subsidiary, after winning the round robin against Casablanca and Audi.

Wellington polo is a famous sport and Wellington Fl serves as home for the best equestrian properties in the world.

Come and join the thousands of Wellington polo fans! Call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset today at 561-753-0135 to get started on your home search for your perfect Wellington Polo home.

Audi Champions Eastern Challenge Cup; Grand Champions Takes Consolation Match

Audi Champions Eastern Challenge Cup; Grand Champions Takes Consolation Match

Eastern Challenge Cup 2014 has its new champion. The Audi team (Marc Ganzi, Roberto Gonzales, Kris Kampsen and Rupert Lewis) beaten Flight Options (Melissa Ganzi, Guille Aguero, Juan Bollini, and Mark Cann).

Flight Options scored first, 2-0. Both teams scored two in the second chukker, 4-2. Audi went back into the game, making two goals in the third chukker. In the fourth chukker, Audi got the ball heading for a south goal but Flight Options thwarted the ball to the north. Audi scored with a penalty taken by Ganzi, giving them 5-4 advantage. The tandem of Ganzi and Kampsen for Audi put them ahead 6-4. Aguero hit a penalty shot but failed. Flight Option got the ball from a throw in with Bollini only to go wide. The chukker ended with 7-6 advantage for Flight Options. In the sixth chukker, Marc Ganzi had two failed attempts to score. Bollini also tried to score with a 60-yard shot but failed. Audi scored twice and won the game. Roberto Gonzales was named MVP while Guille Aguero’s mare named Yahoo was the Best Playing Pony.

Audi Champions Eastern Challenge Cup; Grand Champions Takes Consolation Match | Katerina Gasset and Nestor Gasset | Wellington Equestrian Properties

Grand Champions (Alejandro Gonzales, Juancito Bollini, Carlitos Gracida, Joey Casey) won against Pony Express (Bob Daniels, Pancho Eddy, Tomas Goti, Matt Cohen) in the consolation final of the Eastern Challenge Cup at the Grand Champions Polo Club. Grand Champions showed their playing prowess from the beginning, making it 2-0 during the first Chukker.

Pony Express’ Gotti got their first goal in the second Chukker, 2-1. But Gracida made another goal for the Grand Champions before the chukker ended, making it 3-1. Pony Express tried to catch up with three scores in the next Chukker, while the Grand Champions managed to score two in the same chukker. It was a neck-to-neck battle, 5-4. Pony Express challenged the opponent with two furious goals from Gotti. Grand Champions kicked again with two scores made by Bollini and Gracilda, 7-6. Both teams scored two during the last Chukker with a final score 9-8. Carlitos Gracida was named MVP.

Wellington FL is famous for its world-class equestrian properties and Polo tournaments. Many horse-lovers flock to Wellington for its beautiful weather.

Come and join the thousands of Wellington polo fans! Call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset today at 561-753-0135 to get started on your home search for your perfect Wellington Polo home.

Two Rising Stars Stand Out During Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Festival

Two Rising Stars Stand Out During Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Festival

Every year, Wellington holds true to its name as the equestrian capital of the world captivating the biggest names in the international show jumping world for the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF). For twelve weeks, the 2014 season showed no signs of slowing down as it thrilled enthusiasts and riders on during all the matches.  This year, British show jumpers dominated the sport and even organizing CEO Mark Bellisimo took notice. He also jokingly remarked that next year’s festival should be called BEF to stand for the ‘British’ Equestrian Festival. Polly Serpell and Thea Millward, two show jumping stars on the rise from Cayman had the privilege of meeting the renowned British show jumper Ben  Maher as the festival draw to a close.

Two Rising Stars Stand Out During Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Festival | Wellington Polo | Wellington Equestrian Properties

Along with other young riders from the Caribbean, Polly Serpell and Thea Millward came to Wellington to contend in the Second Annual FEI Group IV Caribbean Challenge. This three day challenge became a success through the efforts of the organizers namely: the US Equestrian Federation, WEF, and the FEI’s Group IV members. Several Caribbean countries participated in the event by sending two young riders each as representatives. Riders from North America, who also contended in the Challenge, lent horses to the visiting riders.

Following the warm up round, the Group IV Classic was the first event to be held. It proved to be an excellent round for Thea Millward as she was the highest placer among the Carribean riders finishing in 2nd place. Though Polly Serpell finished in 11th place during this round, she certainly stood out during the next event which was the Group IV Championship Competition. This event was held on the second day of the Challenge. Millard unfortunately had a refusal during this round and was eliminated. Serpell, finishing in 5th place, was the highest placer among the Carribean riders. She was also given the award of ‘Best Horse’ for Montego, the horse lent to her.

This was an invaluable advantage for Serpell as she prepares to compete at the Youth Olympic Games. The competition will be held in August 2014 and she will be contending against the best youth show jumpers in the international arena. Ever since Serpell was qualified for the Games in 2013 by the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (CIEF), she has been constantly competing in Florida.

Own your own polo property right here in Wellington Florida. Call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 to get started today!

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