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Wellington Equestrian News | Horses Healing Hearts Offers Effective Therapy For Substance Abuse and Addiction

Wellington Equestrian News | Horses Healing Hearts Offers Effective Therapy For Substance Abuse and Addiction

Horses Healing Hearts is a non-profit public charity organization founded by Lizabeth Olszewski aiming to aid children of parents who were suffering from substance abuse. Her goal is to enrich their lives through equine experiential learning.

Horses Healing Hearts- Therapy that Works | FloridaIPI

The organization of Horses Healing Hearts was established in Wellington Florida and though it was only meant to help the children of parents with hurdles in addiction, Lizabeth soon discovered that the parents too need to be empowered in order to rise up, face their battles, and to be healed, along with their children, from the emotional scars they endured because of the addiction.

This is what motivated Lizabeth Olszewski to collaborate with treatment centers. She received training from in EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) which allowed her to broaden her reach and offer therapy to even more families.

Since Horses Healing Hearts is primarily a non-profit organization, it used to be dependent only on grants. However, because of Liz’s partnership with EAGALA, she is able to make profit through the treatment centers that have offered to pay her and donate money to her charity.

In Lizabeth’s words, ““It has given us a new opportunity to aid in addiction while still working with the children to end the cycle.”

If you would like to get involved in this wonderful cause, you can reach Lizabeth at 561-713-6133. It would truly be a great experience to be part of something that helps the community and heals hearts through our amazing equine friends, our dear horses.  

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