Saturday Night Lights at Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival

Saturday Night Lights at Wellington Equestrian Festival- Fun For The Entire Family

Looking for something to do in Wellington Saturday nights?

Join us out at the Winter Equestrian Festival events that are here through April 5, 2012. 

Saturday nights here in Wellington come alive with all kinds of equestrian fun and excitement. 

The Winter Equestrian Festival invites families, couples and singles out to Saturday Night Lights at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. 

This event is free to everyone on Saturday nights. There is a $20 per car-load parking fee. There are public and private pavillions. The public pavillians have some great food for you to enjoy. There are things for the kids to do including pony rides. But our kids and grandkids don’t care about any of the kiddie fun- they like to watch the horses and riders compete. 

Our son who is nine goes around with his iPad taking photos and he is getting quite good at it. Here are some photos he took of the horses while we were enjoying an afternoon visiting with friends and competitors at the Winter Equestrian Festival. 

If you have not been out to the horse showgrounds for an exciting afternoon or evening of Equestrian events you are missing out on some of the most amazing entertainment around. Of course we are biased. We love horses. We come from horse families and love riding. 

One of the most graceful and majestic animals is the horse. The horse is also smart and a great companion. It is easy to get hooked on horses and the equestrian life. 

We hope you to see you soon at Saturday Night Lights in Wellington Florida during the Winter Equestrian Festival here at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center right here in Wellington Florida. 


Katerina Gasset

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