Proper Exercises Makes Riding Safer for Your Horses in Your Wellington Equestrian Property


Proper Exercises Makes Riding Safer for Your Horses in Your Wellington Equestrian Property

Most people are unaware that carrying a rider is not the most pleasant activity for horses. Without proper conditioning, horses might run fairly fast or bucked which is not good for the safety of the rider and the horse itself.

When you ride a horse, whether for dressage, trail, eventing, or just for pleasure, it is important to build a physical foundation for your horse to keep it safe and healthy.

Exercise toughens the muscles of your horse and upgrades flexibility, keeping your horse fit for the riding task. Exercises will also lessen the result of injury and strains on ligaments and tendons.  

Warm-up your horse before exercising. Just like humans, warming-up is also one of the most important things to do before exercising your horse. It is vital to bring the horse in condition. Warm-up improves the strength of the knee and reduces muscle stiffness.

After the warm-up, your horse should move forward willingly. Hold the rein and assimilate some movements like walking over ground poles. Walking will strengthen the abdominal muscles. Your horse will master to pick up his feet, stay in rhythm, be harmonized and face the obstacles at his own pace.

You can also try the riding alteration as an exercise. It will inspire your horse to carry his hind-end under and will make him ring himself in a rounder frame. Just be reminded to be relaxed and don’t rush; stay focused on a steady rhythm.

And the best physical exercise for your horse is none other than trail riding in your Wellington equestrian property. This exercise will give it some fresh air for the body to be relaxed and refreshed.  The horse can fully carry out his movements. This is the best exercise to strengthen the horse’s back. But remember to take this slowly to avoid any injuries.

Exercises will not only just benefit the horse but also you as a rider. This will help you handle the horse better and safer. Remember that when it comes to riding a horse, there are always two things that matter the most: enjoyment and safety.


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