Polo in Wellington Florida- A Short View of Polo


Polo in Wellington Florida- A Short View of Polo

Playing polo is kind of like playing hockey while riding a horse! Polo is a team sport. Players use a long-handled mallet to hit the ball through the rival’s goal. Similar to other equestrian sports, polo demands boundless athleticism, cooperation, and skill.

Polo seems to have originated from Persia. It may be the oldest recorded team sport for it has been played there over 2,500 years. Polo spread slowly across Asia and was immediately adopted as a training method for the King’s elite cavalry.

A traditional polo field is 300 yards long by 160 yards wide. Each teams have four players for an outdoor match and 3 players for an indoor match.

Players must hit the ball into the rival team’s goal with their polo stick. Polo is played in seven minutes periods called chukka, and can be ruthless.

Horses are replaced at each chukka to assure that they stay healthy and competent.

Umpires are people who have deep knowledge of the game and are in charge of watching if the rules are being followed accordingly. The umpires are on horseback.

In Wellington Florida polo is a major sport. We enjoy several polo clubs in Wellington. A polo match is also a great opportunity for families to bond, friends to get together and singles to meet others.

Wellington FL is the best place to perfect your polo swings and take care of your horses; we have excellent Wellington equestrian properties for sale. Our equestrian properties in Wellington feature green pastures, paddocks and state of the art barns.

Come and join the thousands of Wellington polo fans!


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