Palm Beach Polo Team Wins USPA Spring Challenge Cup 11-10

Palm Beach Polo Team Wins USPA Spring Challenge Cup 11-10

Palm Beach Polo (Alejandro Gonzalez, Brandon Phillips, Tommy Biddle, Glenn Straub) won against Ride To Shine (Marc Ganzi, Neku Atawodi, Nic Roldan, Martin Estrada) during the USPA Spring Challenge Cup on April 27, 2014 at the Grand Champions Club, Wellington FL.

Palm Beach Polo Team Wins USPA Spring Challenge Cup 11-10 | Wellington Equestrian Properties | Katerina Gasset | Nestor Gasset

Glenn Straub made the winning goal and was named Most Valuable Player of the season after playing well, making a clutch goal during the sixth chukker and blocking the opponent’s penalty shot in the second chukker.

It is also worthy to credit Gonzales for leading the team by scoring five goals, Biddle and Phillips added three and two goals respectively.

Ganzi scored a season-high seven goals, Estrada added two and Roldan scored once for the Ride to Shine.

Felony, Ganzi’s horse, was named Best Playing Pony.

Palm Beach Polo skyrocketed the score with 6-2 advantage; three goals were made by Gonzales, two by Biddle and one by Phillips while taking advantage of missed scoring opportunities by Ride To Shine.

Ride To Shine got back in the game during the second half, making the score even by 6-6, the lead changed twice. Biddle scored a 90-yarder on the sixth chukker, making the game tied at 8-8. It was followed by goals from Gonzales and Phillips, 10-8.

Estrada tried to catch up with another two goals for Ride To Shine but Straub scored before the time ran out.

The USPA Spring Challenge Cup was the second of six medium-goal tournaments. The game lasted for three days.

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