Nestor Gasset- Katerina Gasset- 2011 Top 4% In Wellington and Palm Beach County Florida

Nestor Gasset- Katerina Gasset- 2011 Top 9% In Wellington and Palm Beach County out of over 5000 real estate agents in Palm Beach County. 

Bragging rights:) and self-promotion going on here with a smile on my face- yes, it is time to toot our own horns here! 

Back in 2007 there were over 10,000 agents in Palm Beach County and that number has dropped by 50%. We embraced short sales since we already knew how to do short sales since the 90’s recession and the 80’s recession. 

More agents were doing short sales in Wellington and Palm Beach County in 2011. We remained in the top closers for our short sale listings. This is because we don’t give in nor do we give up. The last person that just googled to find us put in google: keyword + Aggressive short sale agents and our name popped up for them. You can not be passive and close short sales. You can not be an order taker and close short sales. 

It was exciting to get the email from Ocean Capital Lending announcing our 2011 success being in the top 9% of all the agents in Palm Beach County. The best part about it is that it is a third party validation of our numbers, in other words, I did not do the math, a third party did:) And that is always a good thing! 


Katerina Gasset

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