NBA Ambassador Coaches Team USPA in Wellington

NBA Ambassador Coaches Team USPA in Wellington

NBA Ambassador Bob Delaney, together with the offices in NY and Sarasota, FL gave an outstanding and overwhelming lecture at the Wellington Polo Museum in Lake Worth, FL on Friday morning, March 14, 2014.

Wellington Polo - NBA Ambassador Coaches Team USPA in Wellington | Kateruna Gasset | Nestor Gasset

The lecture was about on the values of creating a strongly bonded polo team, that wins on and off the field. As an ambassador, he shared his experiences as an NBA Umpire Adviser. He has officiated over 1,700 regular season NBA Games, 200+ playoff games and 10 finals, including All Star games in China and Japan

He was with Team USPA members Belinda Brody, Matt Baker, Brandon Van Loon, Augustine Arellano as well as Charlie Muldoon, Maggie Mitchell, Bobby Puetz, Elizabeth Hedley and Kris Bowman.

For continuing success and growth for the professional athlete, professional umpire, as well as for the leaders of professionals and support staff in a sport such as Wellington polo, he offered inspirational suggestions.

The objective was to help build the next generation of effective, informed leaders, on and off the polo field.

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