How To Care for Your Horses’ Hooves


How To Care for Your Horses’ Hooves 


Wild horses always travel over varied terrain which makes their hooves strong, even and abrasion-resistant. On the other hand, your domestic horses won’t have hooves as strong as wild horses because they spend almost their entire lives in a stall and when they exercise, it is only for a short time on smooth bedrock in Wellington. This makes their hooves grow unevenly and weak, making them imbalanced and lame.


Foot problems can lead to possible health problems that can eventually cause death. You need to take care of your horses’ hooves to keep them healthy and strong. Here are some tips for taking care for you horses’ hooves:


1. Look for a good Farrier. Someone who specializes in this will be able to trim the hooves properly and apply special shoes whether for racing, training, or cosmetic purposes.


2. Examine your horse’s feet before and after each ride. It is important to pull off any pebbles and small and foreign objects stuck in his feet to avoid any thrush, puncture, cracks and any other similar things.


3. Keep the stalls clean and dry as possible to prevent foot disease. Get rid of the manure at least once a day and rake dry dirt.


4. If you find any hoof problems, call an equine vet immediately. Alarming problems can happen when a horse’s feet are overlooked or disregarded.


5. Help your horse grow good hooves by fine-tuning its diet. Give your horse biotin supplements recommended by your farrier and give your horse a constant walk for exercise.


As an equestrian or horse owner, you must make sure your horses get regular hoof care to keep them healthy, safe and sound.


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