How Many Horses Can I Have In Paddock Park II in Wellington Florida?

How many horses can I have in Paddock Park II in Wellington Florida? 

We get a lot of questions in our ActiveRain contact box and our email boxes from prospective sellers and buyers for property around Wellington Florida and other locations in South Florida. 

One of the questions that came in last week was: How many horses can we have in Paddock Park II? 

Paddock Park II and Saddle Trail equestrian communities in Wellington Florida have acreage lots with homes and acreage suitable for your horses. If you buy a home in either of these communities you can apply for a permit to build stalls on your property. 

You are allowed to have 4 stalls per acre in each of these equestrian communities in Wellington according to the Village of Wellington code compliance. So that means you can have 4 horses per acre in Paddock Park II and Saddle Trail. 

Please bear in mind that if you are new to horses and the equestrian lifestyle that just because you are allowed to have 4 stalls per acre does not mean that is the most ideal environment for your horses.

Horses like to graze. Horses are top grazers which means they like to eat the top of the grass and in Florida the grass on your land is not always in the best condition for horse grazing.You can plant bermuda grass in Florida and in the winters your horses should do fine. Make sure to take into consideration how much grazing areas you have to raise a healthy horse. 

Disclaimer: Please make sure you check with the Village of Wellington about this question before you buy a property or home in Paddock Park II or Saddle Trail of Wellington just in case any of the codes change before you buy if you own horses or want to own horses in Wellington equestrian areas. 

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