Grand Prix of Wellington – One of the Best Places for Equestrians to Settle

Grand Prix of Wellington – One of the Best Places for Equestrians to Settle

Grand Prix of Wellington may actually refer to either of two equestrian neighborhoods in this corner of Florida. When you start roaming the beautiful streets of Wellington Florida, you may eventually notice that road signs are pointing to two directions when it comes to Grand Prix Farms. If, however, you are looking for a neighborhood that can offer a private, quiet, and luxurious lifestyle for you and your loved ones to enjoy then you have come to the right place to finally settle down.

The first of these two neighborhoods, Grand Prix Village, is just a stone’s throw away from Pierson Road. Grand Prix Village is every horseman’s – or horsewoman’s – dream come true because its wonderful range of amenities include features that are specifically designed to provide greater ease and comfort for those who count horseback riding as their ultimate pleasure.

The Grand Prix Village is hacking distance from the Winter Equestrian Festival’s show grounds. When the Winter Equestrian Festival begins, equestrians from all over the country – and the world even – come to Wellington in order to compete for dressage as well as hunter or jumper events.

Last but certainly not the least, professional players from all around visit one of Florida’s most beautiful areas in order to have themselves crowned as victors in polo championships – a game which most people today consider fit only for royalty and those belonging to the crème de la crème of society.

The facilities of Grand Prix Village, as mentioned earlier on, include those designed to provide comfort even for your stallions, mares, and ponies. The community currently has two well-equipped barns to provide shelter for your ride. These barns offer a total of 8 tack rooms, 64 stalls, 4 expansive paddocks, and 2 manure bins. There are also four sand rings as well as ample parking space available for homeowners who prefer the luxury of driving to the barn when checking on their horses.

If you are interested in viewing the other Grand Prix neighborhood, which is simply called the Grand Prix Farms then you should just search for Lake Worth Road and continue until you reach Via Christina, which is where this gated community is located. It also happens to  be right next door to Equestrian Club, another expansive and lovely gated community in the area.

Ultimately, Grand Prix of Wellington – whichever village you do end up choosing – is the kind of place that a person will never regret living in.


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