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Top Tips To Get Your Wellington Equestrian Property Sold

Top tips to get your Wellington equestrian property sold.

Just like putting your home on the market, listing your Wellington equestrian property for sale requires a great deal of preparation. The preparation you need is quite different, however, because you are not just selling a home but a piece of land that is meant to be ideal for raising and training horses. Here are a few tips you can follow on how you can get your Wellington equestrian property sold:

Top Tips To Get Your Wellington Equestrian Property Sold

  1. Contact an agent at once.

Selling your property is a huge undertaking, and understandably, you would want to get the best price in the transaction. This would only happen if: you have a great marketing plan in place, you have the right contacts, you know the selling process in and out and lastly, you have enough patience to see it through. Nonetheless, agents are fully trained and experienced to handle all of these aspects of selling so the first important tip to getting your property to sell is to work with a good agent specializes in selling a Wellington equestrian property. Your buyer will certainly have an agent and it is best if you also have your own to represent you when the negotiations arise.

  1. Clean and organize.

This can be considered as the easiest and at the same time the most difficult step in selling your property. A horse farm has to be equipped with an efficient water system and a good manure management system to make cleaning easier. Have a place for everything and ensure that you have enough space for farm equipment. Make sure that your property is in its best shape should buyers decide to drop by for a visit. You can check Wellington equestrian properties for sale at to see how other sellers clean and organize their properties.

  1. Repair as needed.

If certain facilities are damaged, then you simply cannot sell your property for the best price. Keep in mind that a well maintained property will always attract more buyers as opposed to a property that’s damaged, old, and unkempt. With that said, prepare your Wellington equestrian property for sale by repairing what needs to be repaired. This includes possible repairs on the gates, fences, barns, roofs, doors, bulbs, and others. Repainting isn’t a bad idea, too. All the cleaning and fixing is needed before you can proceed with next and final step.

  1. Take photos that pop on the screen.

Today, most buyers start their search through the internet so marketing your property online is a must. Take beautiful photos of your property after it has been cleaned and repaired. These photos will keep your buyers glued to their screen and will motivate them to visit and see more of your farm. Ask your agent for tips on what type of shots would highlight your property’s best features.

These are simple yet very effective tips to prepare your Wellington equestrian property for sale. The most important tip to remember is to work with an agent who is knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced when it comes to selling Wellington equestrian properties.

Call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 today if you’re looking for expert help in buying or selling your Wellington equestrian property!

Wellington Fl Officials Focus on Road Safety As The Winter Equestrian Festival Approaches

Wellington Fl Officials Focus on Road Safety As The Winter Equestrian Festival Approaches

It’s almost that time of the year again when thousands flock to Wellington Fl for the Winter Equestrian Festival, but for now, part-time residents are returning to the village to prepare and train their horses for the season. Of course, with a surge in population comes a surge in traffic. Particularly if you live in Wellington, you’ll know that you won’t be dealing with just ordinary traffic but golf-cart traffic.

Winter Wellington Florida Safety Issues Slow for Horses Wellington Equestrian Properties

Florida law presides over golf traffic in Wellington but the village itself has not been able to pass its own regulations despite previous attempts.

It may come as a surprise to some but golf carts are commonly used by residents in Wellington for quick trips like picking up kids from school or tutors and especially for commuting in equestrian areas like going from farm to farm or heading over to the showgrounds. However, according to village officials, there are many people who use the golf carts illegally on a regular basis and that, according to them, is a real danger.

According to state law, golf carts can only be used either on private property or in golfing communities. They are not allowed to be used on sidewalks and they can only be used on some roads if the golf cart is street-legal which means it would need seat belts, turn signals, windshields and head lights. On top of that, the street-legal golf carts would also need to be inspected, insured, and registered with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. If used, they are only allowed on the road with a maximum speed limit of 35mph.

Since there have been quite a few golf cart-related accidents that happened in Wellington in the past, the officials aim to prevent any mishaps from happening in the future by educating the public with golf cart usage and safety.

Wellington- International Polo Season Starts the 11th Season

Wellington-International Polo season starts the 11th season.

Enjoy Sunday afternoons watching championship polo right here in Wellington florida.  

There are many polo games to watch on Saturdays and Sundays here in Wellington around the different polo fields. 

The international Polo club is located at 3667 120th Avenue South between Pearson and Lake Worth roads in Wellington. 

This year there will be several players who are high goalers.

In fact, there are only six 10 high goalers in the world and 5 of them will be playing during the season here in Wellington.

Wellington Polo properties


Adolfo Cambiaso is regarded as the best player in the world and he will be playing this season here along with Facundo Pieres, Gonzalito Pieres and Pelon Stirling. 

Julio Arellano Brooke here in Wellington and he holds a high nine goal handicap and is a two-time defending champion. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University and he is considered the highest-rated American player. He has won numerous tournaments including the U.S. open.

Tommy Collingwood also grew up here in Wellington and graduated from Wellington high school 2009. He played his first Highgoal tournament final for Coca-Cola scoring the first goal of the game. He is currently a four-goaler. 

Wellington and Argentinan superstars are here to play another awesome polo season. 


8 Stalls for Rent for Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Season

8 Stalls for Rent for Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Season 

Hurry because the price is great so this property won’t last long. These stalls will be rented fast as are most stalls in Wellington as season is fast approaching. 

Stalls for rent Wellington Florida WEF season

There are 8 stalls for rent less than one mile from the WEF showgrounds. 
Included with the stalls that you get to use is a tack and feed room, a wash rack outside and 4 paddocks. 
There are 3 grass practice rings, a large, medium and a small one. 

Stalls Barns for rent Wellington WEF

You are responsible for removing the manure. 

You are responsible for providing your own equine insurance and must sign a hold harmless agreement with the owner. 

You can rent the 8 stalls for $11,000 per month during the season. There is a $5000 deposit to hold and for security. 

Wellington Stall Rentals Barn Rentals Equestrian season rentals

If you need a house to rent while you are here for the season, the house that is on the same property as the stalls are is available to rent just during the winter equestrian season. 

You can rent the 8 stalls and four of the five bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the house.

Barns Stalls Equestrian Rentals in Wellington Fl for Season

The 5th bedroom is being used for storage. 

If you want to rent the 8 stalls and the house- you can do that for $16,000 per month for the WEF season. 

There is a $1500 deposit for the utilities if you rent the house. You will be provided with the utility bills and the amount of each utility bill will be deducted from that $1500 deposit 30 days after your rental term is completed.

Contact Nestor Gasset on his mobile phone at 561-541-9936 for any further details you need. We can send you the photos and take a video for you so that you can put your deposit on the property asap. 

Barns Stalls for rent in Wellington for season equestrian WEF

Bill Gates Buys 3155 Mallet Hill In Wellington For $8.7 Million- Equestrian Living

Bill Gates Buys 3155 Mallet Hill in Wellington for $8.7 Million right in the heart of Wellington’s equestrian living. 

Bill Gates buys equestrian property in Wellington

The home is located in the neighborhood of Mallet Hill, a gated section of the equestrian area in Wellington.

Bill Gate’s daughter rides here in Wellington during the Winter Equestrian Festival each year and over the last couple of years he has spent a lot of money on rentals. Last year Bill Gates rented out this Mallet Hill home for $600,000 just for the horse season.

It makes financial sense to not rent year after year at those prices. You might as well buy the house!

Gossip Extra says they have a source who says that he asked the homeowners’ association to change their unmanned gate to a manned gate 24/7.

The mansion has a 20 stall barn and sits on 4.8 acres and is hacking distance to the showgrounds. The property also has great paddocks and training areas and has a show jumping arena. The property also has a 1.78 acre riding field. 

The properties in Mallet Hill are gorgeous and close to everything you need while you are competing in the Winter Equestrian Festival and other equine competitions and events in Wellington Florida.

The home is meditteranean style built in 2010. It has 7,234 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It has a great pool and patio area overlooking the horse area. 

If you would like to be a neighbor of Bill Gates, we can show you horse farms in Wellington in Mallet Hill, which has 13 properties. You can live close to Mallet Hill in many other equestrian communities here in Wellington.  Check out the two horse properties for sale in Mallet Hill click here. 

Moving With Your Horses To Wellington Florida

Moving With Your Horses To Wellington Florida 

Wellington offers you and your horses the best southern living in the world. Wellington is home to the world famous and reknowned Winter Equestrian Festival held here year after year. WIF features grand prizes for competition events in the hunter/jumper equestrian venue.

World class Polo events and competitions are held here every year.  

move to Wellington with your horses


 Moving with your horses to Wellington is easy  to do when you have an agent by your side to help  you navigate the many different kinds of properties  that you can lease or purchase that are offered for  sale during and before the equestrian season. 


 More and more people from up north are finding  that it is in their best interests and their horses to  make a permanent move to Wellington Florida and  become a resident of Florida where you will not  have to pay the high taxes you are currently  paying. Florida has no state income tax. Wellington  is very horse friendly. It is a match made in heaven  for any equestrian family or persons. 


The weather is perfect for riding on our miles of scenic bridle trails all year round. Equestrian facilities are common around here and we also have some of the best equine medical professionals right here in Wellington. 

You will also find barns of all sizes from the simple one stall barns out in Loxahatchee and The Acreage to expansive 12 and 24 stall barns complete with grooms quarters, air conditioned feed and tack rooms and washing facilities in Wellington. 

Move to Wellington with your horses to join in the equestrian lifestyle that can not be beat!

Authored by Katerina Gasset

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