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File Your Florida Homestead Exemption at the Wellington Village Hall

File your Florida Homestead exemption at the Wellington Village Hall Florida Homestead Exemption at the Wellington Village Hall

The Palm Beach County property appraiser’s office will be available at Village Hall in Wellington at 12300 Forest Hill Blvd.  

You can file your Homestead in Wellington the third Thursday of each month between 10 AM and 11 AM until February.

The deadline for filing your Homestead exemption is March 1.

The documents that are required to file a homestead exemption are:

  • The current Florida drivers license or Florida State ID card
  • A current voter registration card or declaration of domicile
  • Non-US citizens must also provide proof of permanent residency

Each Florida resident may get an exemption of $25,000 homestead exemption, a senior citizen exemption of $25,000, a disabled veterans exemption of $5000, a combat disabled senior veteran of $500 and a widow or widower exemption of $500. Please verify these amounts with the tax appraiser’s office as these figures are subject to change. 

Make sure that you get in before the March deadline to file your Homestead for your qualifying year.