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8 Stalls for Rent for Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Season

8 Stalls for Rent for Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Season 

Hurry because the price is great so this property won’t last long. These stalls will be rented fast as are most stalls in Wellington as season is fast approaching. 

Stalls for rent Wellington Florida WEF season

There are 8 stalls for rent less than one mile from the WEF showgrounds. 
Included with the stalls that you get to use is a tack and feed room, a wash rack outside and 4 paddocks. 
There are 3 grass practice rings, a large, medium and a small one. 

Stalls Barns for rent Wellington WEF

You are responsible for removing the manure. 

You are responsible for providing your own equine insurance and must sign a hold harmless agreement with the owner. 

You can rent the 8 stalls for $11,000 per month during the season. There is a $5000 deposit to hold and for security. 

Wellington Stall Rentals Barn Rentals Equestrian season rentals

If you need a house to rent while you are here for the season, the house that is on the same property as the stalls are is available to rent just during the winter equestrian season. 

You can rent the 8 stalls and four of the five bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the house.

Barns Stalls Equestrian Rentals in Wellington Fl for Season

The 5th bedroom is being used for storage. 

If you want to rent the 8 stalls and the house- you can do that for $16,000 per month for the WEF season. 

There is a $1500 deposit for the utilities if you rent the house. You will be provided with the utility bills and the amount of each utility bill will be deducted from that $1500 deposit 30 days after your rental term is completed.

Contact Nestor Gasset on his mobile phone at 561-541-9936 for any further details you need. We can send you the photos and take a video for you so that you can put your deposit on the property asap. 

Barns Stalls for rent in Wellington for season equestrian WEF

Building Your Wellington Horse Barn- Designing Your Horse Barn Takes Planning and Thought

Building Your Wellington Horse Barn- Designing Your Horse Barn Takes Planning and Thought

When touring prospective new residents through our town of Wellington Florida the comment heard frequently is that they can’t tell the house from the barn. Many of the stately barns in Wellington look similar to mansion estates. There are those who have horse barns and stalls that are cleaner than their human quarters. 

Wellington horse farms barns equestrian properties ranches for sale and lease for season International Properties and Investments LLC in Wellington Florida

You can design a barn as a simple structure for one or two horses or you can go all out and design a barn fit for kings and queens. The impressive beauty of many of our horse barns is etched in memory banks of those who come for a visit to our southern style hometown feel town of Wellington Florida. 

There are so many options available to you in horse barn design. There are also a lot of desisions you need to make before you start on the design. Taking into consideration the purpose of your barn is of formost importance because it is much easier to plan appropriately right now than to find out after you have built the structure of your barn that you have not met your goals. 

Wellington Florida horse ranches farms equestrian properties International Properties and Investments in Wellington Florida Nestor Gasset Broker

One of the most important choices you should make in designing your estate horse barn in Wellington is to determine what your labor force is going to consist of and what their duties are. The biggest expense in any equestrian facility is labor. You not only what to maximise your labor efficiencies but also reduce the cost of labor by providing great barn design that considers each of the labor tasks involved in your every day care and training of your horses. 

The other big expense is the cost of electricity. Light bills can run high here and so considering in your design of your barn how to maximize natural light should be a large factor. 

horse barns for sale in wellington Florida international properties and investments llc nestor gasset broker wellington fl equestrian properties for sale

When you consider your lighting options you also want to take into account the best ventalation practices reducing heat in your barns because this is after all, still Florida. You want to pull your air up and then through your barn for proper ventilation. Make sure your air is not horizontal in movement as this creates and spreads bacteria and pathogens from one horse to another. 

Make sure that you lay out your design before you even meet with an architect. Have what you envision already sketched out. Consider many of the features that you will be spending money on such as fencing, paddocks and sprinker systems. 

It is natural for you to think of your horses’ needs first. But there are considerations that many times are not planned out and then it is after you build your barn that suddenly you realize, that you have don’t have a place for the tractor. It rains in the summers especially here in South Florida. You want to have a place to store your tractor, your tools and the rest of your vehicles. 

Wellington equestrian ranch horse farms properties for sale and lease during season in wellington Florida International Properties and Investments LLC broker Nestor Gasset

Where will you collect the manure? Where will you dispose of your manure? Where is the truck going to drive into in order to reach your manure that needs to be removed from your facility. 

Plan now for all these situations and this will in the end reduce your labor costs.