Audi Champions Eastern Challenge Cup; Grand Champions Takes Consolation Match

Audi Champions Eastern Challenge Cup; Grand Champions Takes Consolation Match

Eastern Challenge Cup 2014 has its new champion. The Audi team (Marc Ganzi, Roberto Gonzales, Kris Kampsen and Rupert Lewis) beaten Flight Options (Melissa Ganzi, Guille Aguero, Juan Bollini, and Mark Cann).

Flight Options scored first, 2-0. Both teams scored two in the second chukker, 4-2. Audi went back into the game, making two goals in the third chukker. In the fourth chukker, Audi got the ball heading for a south goal but Flight Options thwarted the ball to the north. Audi scored with a penalty taken by Ganzi, giving them 5-4 advantage. The tandem of Ganzi and Kampsen for Audi put them ahead 6-4. Aguero hit a penalty shot but failed. Flight Option got the ball from a throw in with Bollini only to go wide. The chukker ended with 7-6 advantage for Flight Options. In the sixth chukker, Marc Ganzi had two failed attempts to score. Bollini also tried to score with a 60-yard shot but failed. Audi scored twice and won the game. Roberto Gonzales was named MVP while Guille Aguero’s mare named Yahoo was the Best Playing Pony.

Audi Champions Eastern Challenge Cup; Grand Champions Takes Consolation Match | Katerina Gasset and Nestor Gasset | Wellington Equestrian Properties

Grand Champions (Alejandro Gonzales, Juancito Bollini, Carlitos Gracida, Joey Casey) won against Pony Express (Bob Daniels, Pancho Eddy, Tomas Goti, Matt Cohen) in the consolation final of the Eastern Challenge Cup at the Grand Champions Polo Club. Grand Champions showed their playing prowess from the beginning, making it 2-0 during the first Chukker.

Pony Express’ Gotti got their first goal in the second Chukker, 2-1. But Gracida made another goal for the Grand Champions before the chukker ended, making it 3-1. Pony Express tried to catch up with three scores in the next Chukker, while the Grand Champions managed to score two in the same chukker. It was a neck-to-neck battle, 5-4. Pony Express challenged the opponent with two furious goals from Gotti. Grand Champions kicked again with two scores made by Bollini and Gracilda, 7-6. Both teams scored two during the last Chukker with a final score 9-8. Carlitos Gracida was named MVP.

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