Mounted Sheriff Riding In Wellington Neighborhoods

Mounted Sheriff Riding In Wellington Neighborhoods

We just happened to look out of our window to see two Sheriffs walking along mounted on the Palm Beach county Sheriff’s horses. 

Mounted Sheriff in Wellington Florida

It was fun to show the kids and introduce them to the Sheriffs riding around the local neighborhoods in Wellington. It was also an impromto homeschool session on mounted police. 

Wellington Equestrian Lifestyle

There are only 7 mounted sheriffs to work all of Palm Beach County Florida. They travel around to different locations. The officers would rather ride the horses instead of driving around in the Sheriff cars. 

The horses are very well tempered. You can walk right up to them and pet them. We sure took that opportunity to pet the horses and talk for a while about the job and what their details are. 

Wellington Equestrian Lifestyle

One of the details that mounted Sheriffs have is to look for missing people. The horses can walk the canals in seach of missing children and people. The officers can also see higher than their car counterparts so they can see things that the others can miss. 

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